[Listen] Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - "Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)" Feat. Jarvis Cocker

Take two of the biggest names in electronic music, pair them up with a legend in his own right, Jarvis Cocker, and what do you get? An avalanche, that's what. A track called "Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)" has surfaced and it's a goodie. The track is a little dark and full of Boys Noize glitchey type stuff we've come to expect from the German producer and the well rounded English Erol Alkan has helped craft the track into reverb filled banger. The cherry on the top comes from Jarvis Cocker and his distinctive yet creepy vocal work. It simply makes a good track awesome.

This one will be getting a lot of play in the coming Summer month(s). Check it out below and turn it up loud.