[Watch] WAVVES Perform "Liquid Swords" Live With GZA & Announce New EP 'Life Sux'

Holy crazy collaborations Sackman! Hipster indie rockers Wavves recently hooked up with Wu Tang sword master GZA to perform the Wu Classic "Liquid Swords" on Fuel's The Daily Habit. IMO, i thought the live performance was alright, I expected more from WAVVES as it felt that they weren't really adding anything to the classic RZA beat cuz they were too stoned or because the turntable levels were up to loud. IDK.

But anyways, thats not all the Nathan Williams and his band have been up to lately. WAVVES recently announced  they will be releasing a new EP titled Life Sux which will feature the awesomely titled (and i'm pretty sure Kibbe and the boys would agree) song "I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl."  Williams' debuted the albums artwork with Rolling Stone (which you can see below) and talked a little about the cover. "That's Dave Grohl. It was drawn by Nick Gazin and it looks like Bradford Cox from Deerhunter with long hair," says Williams of the cover image. "Those are hobo symbols on the side, I think."

The new single is set to premiere on MTV's new shitty reality show I Just Want My Pants Back following another shitty MTV Video Music Awards tonight. The new track will also be available as a free download for a limited time on MTV.com, hopefully after the shitty show's premiere.