[Watch] Skrillex Uploads Teaser Video Titled "OWSLA"

Skrillex has toured relentlessly since exploding onto the music scene with his reinvention as a dubstep mastermind and now we have a tease from him regarding even more. The video is titled "OWSLA" and as Spin point out that's a reference to the 1970's children's fantasy novel Watership Down. Intrigued?

Rumour has it Skrillex is going to be expanding and starting his own label and this is just the start of the viral promotion for that. It could just be promo for the man himself who seems to be getting more and more coverage. UK Radio are now jumping on the dubtrain and Skrillex has been played numerous times and as I type this his dirty remix of Foreign Beggars is bellowing in the office. All we know is the video is kind of creepy and the involvement of Porter Robinson and maybe Zedd. Does this guy ever sleep and stop working?!