[Listen] Cocaine 80's - "Queen To Be" x "Take My Keys" x "This Can't Be A Crime"

Happy Sunday! Even though most of have to start the daily grind once again tomorrow (sorry), at least we can head into the week with some good tunes starting with new music from James Fauntleroy & No I.D.'s Cocaine 80's. It appears that the duo (trio when Common is involved) is setting up to release another EP titled ErXPRESS OG. The group have released 3 new tracks from the EP, "Queen To Be", "Take My Keys" and "This Can't Be A Crime" in which you can check out below and pick up the first 2 in exchange for a tweet at the band's website. If you haven't been up on the group make sure you check out their first 2 EP's The Pursuit and Ghost Lady also available for free at their website. And remember kids, say yes to new Cocaine 80s.