[Watch] Aesop Rock - "ZZZ Top"

If I wasn't already in full Kung Fu movie mode after bumping every Wu Tang album all month and watching the trailer for The RZA's new flick The Man With The Iron Fists, Aesop Rock drops this EPIC (see: DOUBLE EPIC) video for the newest single from his upcoming album Sketethon, "ZZZ Top" featuring none other than Patti Li aka gold medal winning Chinese Wushu martial artist Hao Zhihua and directed by Pete Lee. The track also features production from our good friends Dirty Ghosts but thats enough of the details. I'm going to just stop talking and let you enjoy the awesomeness.

Skelethon drops in two weeks on July 10th via Rhymesayers Entertainment. Go preorder the album from Fifth Element or on iTunes.