[Watch] Jagwar Ma - "Come Save Me" (Official Video)

Jagwar Ma have been riding the psych-powered wave they've road over from Australia on for a while now. While at it, they're sounding like they've somehow managed to travel back in time to the 90's, and quite frankly it's bloody marvelous. Their new single, "Come Save Me", is set to be released on October 14th via Marathon Records and it's been given a fitting visual accompaniment full of colour and psychedelic trips. The band are on tour right now and will return to the UK for some newly announced dates in 2014. All of their current shows can be found over here. Can someone please slow the rate at which the earth is spinning 'cause this year has flown by?! Be sure to check them out live if you can after having your mind warped a little by the video below.

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