[Download] Two Tracks From Wavves Frontman Nathan Williams’ New Band Spirit Club

Nathan Williams has been keeping himself busy recently with more than one project, and he seems to be really enjoying himself in the process. While we await more new music from Wavves, he's teamed up with his brother, and Andrew Caddick for a release under the moniker of Spirit Club. Dropping the two tracks as a surprise yesterday via Twitter, you can see what he has to say about it below:

The tracks themselves are fuzzy, hazy, laid back tunes with a little less angst than some of his more recent Wavves releases. No official word on whether or not an official release is coming but I'd say from looking at the back cover of the release above, that they'll drop via his own Ghost Ramp label. Grab yourself the new tunes "Eye Dozer" and "Sling" below. I for one am liking the tunes and will happily take almost anything Nathan throws out. Heck, I still use "King of the Beach" as my ring tone 4 years on! (Damn, I didn't actually realise it'd been 4 years since that album dropped!)