[Night Out] Electric Youth @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (11/12/14)

The night was just as icy cool as Electric Youth singer Bronwyn Griffin as she serenaded us with dreamy synth pop tunes on that blissful Wednesday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Sprout and I were impressed with how effortless Griffin’s performance was as we twirled and swayed about like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club to tunes like “WeAreTheYouth”, “The Best Thing”, “Tomorrow”, “Before Life”, and their latest single, “Runaway” off of their latest album, Innerworld. I must admit though that as a frontwoman that she still has a bit more to learn in terms of presentation. Sometimes her effortlessness almost looked like she was bored with performing, which is unfortunate because the audience was so glued to her that she could have instigated the chillest dance party that MHoW has seen to date. Mind you, that’s just me being critical because I would love for them to see their full potential. At any rate, I would still say that Electric Youth are worth catching live if not just for the opportunity to feel as euphoric as we did exiting the venue that evening.


Make sure you grab the deluxe version of Innerworld on iTunes.


Watch the video for “Runaway” below.