[Night Out] Flagship @ Rough Trade (11/06/2015)

Flagship fam moments before they rocked our faces off at Rough Trade (11/06/2015)

Flagship fam moments before they rocked our faces off at Rough Trade (11/06/2015)

Southern fried southern pride doesn't even begin to fully express how nice it was to be in the presence of North Carolina's Flagship at Rough Trade on Friday night. Calling the four-piece "southern indie rock" would be a bit of a stretch, but I liken their sound to a southerner moving up north and losing the majority of their accent, save for a few words where you catch a hint of that southern twang here and there. Either way, now all I want is fried chicken, sweet tea, and a Publix sub something fierce. Oh, and to obviously keep their new EP Faded on rotation pretty much indefinitely.

For an opening act they managed to have the audience's attention fairly easily. Someone you know may or may not have been caught clapping and stomping away to their latest single, "I Want You", with a big ol' grin on her face. I suppose the combination of just a salad for dinner and an onslaught of white wine allowed me to forget for a second that I was in Williamsburg where fandom is soooo passé. All that said, after their set ended, we chatted with our new Flagship fam for a bit before I realized that nothing was soaking up the white wine and I was on a fast track to making a fool of myself. 

Y'all need to get on this Flagship EP tho. Yes, I said y'all. See? It comes out sometimes. Shut up. I'm homesick now.

And as usual here are the snaps of our Southern gentlemen from Friday night, courtesy of Sprout:

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