[Night Out] A Love Like Pi @ The Cutting Room (09/18/2015)

It's always fun to watch a band grow up right before your eyes and I couldn't have been happier to be a proud rock mama at The Cutting Room on the night of Brooklyn band A Love Like Pi's album release party for their latest offering, III. Although the band has been at this for several years now, I only fell in like with the trio courtesy of last year's Jack and the Giant EP. As with a literal dramatic growth spurt in a child, the energy level of both the new album and their performance that night was a clear example of how far the band is come in less than a year. This is best seen in their latest single, "Wide Awake", which showcases the dark energy that brainchild and vocalist/violinist/synth wrangler Lief Liebmann has harnessed after his travels to Southeast Asia where he even pulled a few sounds from for the song.

It's more than fitting that the progression that III follows the three stages of life: boy, man, and death, because from my vantage-point we're witnessing the group's transition from bright-eyed garage band to the early stages of an artist truly realizing the amount of talent trapped inside of him that's dying to get out.

Buy III on iTunes now. If you're into try before you buy you can stream the album via Spotify below.