Experience Beck's New Album 'Colors" In NYC, LA, Chicago, Seattle


We're down to just 3 sleeps until Beck's new album, Colors, is finally here! 

I've been waiting for sunshiny happy Beck to come back for so so long that I am about to leap out of my skin I am so excited. 

In addition to playing "Dreams", "Wow", "Dear Life", and "Up All Night" an unhealthy amount of times, pre-ordering the over the top super deluxe album bundle, and snagging a spot at tonight's album listening party at Sonos in Soho, I was just alerted of new ways to extend the celebration. 

Earlier today a new Twitter account called @beckpopups surfaced with information about some pop up "experiences" Colors in major US markets. If you happen to live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Seattle you'll be able to head out this weekend and "experience Colors".....whatever that means. I'm assuming since these venues are all markets that there's gonna be some sweet Colors - centric merch on sale. 

Whatever, you know I'm going. 

See you there?