[WATCH] The Chemical Brothers - "Free Yourself" (Official Video)

Still taken from “Free Yourself” video.

Still taken from “Free Yourself” video.




If you haven’t watched the new video for The Chemical Brothers’ latest single, “Free Yourself”, please drop everything that you’re doing and do not navigate to any of your other tabs once you press play because there is a LOT going on here.

Directed by Dom&Nic, the creative duo who have worked with The Chemical Brothers over a period of twenty-two years on videos like “Hey Boy Hey Girl,” “Block Rockin’ Beats,” “Setting Sun” and the award-winning video “Wide Open”, this video is either going to be an absolute delight or your worst nightmare, depending on your stance on robots.

Speaking on the music video, the duo explained, “We imagined a near future where robots had become a sentient underclass and we felt sorry for them and wanted to imagine them finding a way to free themselves, have fun and dance.”

I will admit, as someone who would consider themselves the brand of nerd who feels like they align with the beneficial AI movement I was starting to get a little jumpy near the end, but that’s why YOU GOTTA WATCH IT TO THE VERY VERY END. Watch it like it’s a Marvel movie, you feel me?