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[SONG OF THE DAY] San Scout - "Sideways"

SKOA favorites San Scout have returned with another dose of downtempo alt-pop, “Sideways” straight from The Pharmacy, which is the band’s forthcoming project that will be dropping shortly for those of you just tuning in. Further carving out the vibe for this batch of songs, the broody bop is, as the band explains, “some sort of dark pop ode to the futility of modern relationships.” As usual you can expect their blend of vocal harmonies, warm synths, and ripping guitars to give you goosebumps in the best possible of ways.

While we wait on the proper release of The Pharmacy, fans can head to the band’s website and explore the virtual abandoned pharmacy that they created in an aptly dreary dystopian world. If you look closely enough while wandering around you can find links to the bands socials, games, and more.

Other cool things going on with the lovely London lads: apparently back in October the duo caught the attention of Emma Breschi who asked them to write the music for her Vivienne Westwood ‘Creatives’ campaign.

If you happen to be in London next week, be sure to check them out at The Lexington on September 19th.

[#SKOA30] DAY 1: A Song You Recently Shared With A Friend

Day 1!

I’m pumped!

This first one is probably not what anyone was going to expect outta me but that’s kind of the fun part of this challenge is that some of this stuff is gonna get REAL WEIRD REAL FAST!


I’m not sure who all is like this, but I am the kind of friend who learns your taste and when I stumble into something that would fit your taste I am eager to connect the music to you so I have someone else to spaz about the thing I found. Listening to music by yourself is great but sharing music is much more rewarding imo.

I’m still struggling to remember how I tumbled into Chicago darkwave duo HIDE but good LORDE when their latest track, “Chainsaw” hit my earholes my fingers couldn’t fly fast enough to get it to my main darklings in all the corners of the internet. When I shared it with one friend in particular, it ignited a share fest of songs we both had just found in the past few days and were both having a blast FREAKING THE FUCK OUT in real time to the songs we were swapping. Those kinds of sharing experiences are literally my favorite thing in the world, where immediately your eyes practically pop out of your head, your jaw almost slams to the ground it drops so hard, and you utter something like, “oh my god”, “holy shit that’s good”, “oh wow”, “jfc who the fuck is this?!”, etc.

Interesting thing I just learned about this song while setting up this post: per the info on the music video, the lyrics are actually comprised of things were essentially a slew of verbal assaults that singer Heather Gabel has received repeatedly on the street, often while in the company of a child. The accompanying video also features stills of a fraction of victims who were raped and murdered in 2018, adding even more intensity to an already powerful song.

[WATCH] Holy Ghost! - "Do This (Official Video)"
photo credit: Harry McNally

photo credit: Harry McNally

In just a few short days the rest of you will be able to hear the dazzling dance delights that is Work from legendary NYC duo Holy Ghost!. As a celebration of the art of making music as memorable as this forthcoming album, the guys have shared the music video for their single, “Do This”, which features clips from the entire creation of the album, from recording in the studio, to pressing the actual vinyl, before finally making it to a record store.

Gonna be honest, I could watch people press vinyl all damn day. Seeing how much care goes into making a record from start to finish is just such a beautiful thing to be able to witness all the way down to the sweet ladies putting the LPs in their jackets. I always wonder if they ever listen to the records that they’re stuffing, don’t you?

As nice as it’s been to obsess over a Soundcloud link for this record in the past month-ish, I honestly can’t wait to drop the needle on this record with my Beyerdynamics. There’s a lot of heart to this record and I’m really anxious to find more reasons to love this record moreso than I already do.

Another cool reason to love this record that hadn’t really sunk in with me until today: the guys are basically trying to singlehandedly resurrect the NYC’s original dance label, West End Records. This is the first LP to come out on the record in more than THREE DECADES y’all. While he was still alive, West End Records founder Mel Cheren was essentially responsible for laying the foundations of what would define early disco, which would then be really influential on pop, hip-hop, house, and techno. Cheren also was responsible for helping to set up NYC's Gay Mens Health Crisis letting GMHC operate rent-free in his Chelsea building, at the dawn of the AIDS crisis as well as establishing charities like 24 Hours for Life and LIFEbeat.

I think it’s so cool that the guys are like painfully aware of the irony in two white heterosexual dance-obsessed guys reviving the label but are still so passionate about using their platform with this album to elevate both the history of the genre and start a dialogue around dance music culture. The origins of dance music weren’t even close to being as white as they are today. It’s important that people pay respect to the genre they love by honoring its origins.


[WATCH] Brit Daniels - "Deja Vu (Official Video)"
Brit Daniels 2019

Nashville area pop artist Brit Daniels has unveiled the video for her most recent single, “Deja Vu”, a song that delves into the trials and tribulations of modern dating culture. After going through yet another failed attempt at a relationship, Daniels was inspired to get in touch with her feelings and explore what went wrong. Through writing the song, Daniels realized all the red flags she ignored and noticed a pattern in her dating life. The accompanying video reflects it in a minimally powerful way by repeatedly showcasing a handful of scenes throughout.

Looking forward to hearing more of what the singer-songwriter has in store in the coming months. For now I plan getting better acquainted with her previous releases.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Tycho - "Japan"
photo credit: Scott Hansen

photo credit: Scott Hansen

San Francisco soundscape crafters Tycho have returned with a new track, “Japan”, from their forthcoming album WEATHER, out on July 12th. "I had just returned from spending some time in Hakone, Japan with my wife's Japanese relatives," shares project brainchild Scott Hansen. "I was thinking a lot about the kinds of electronic music instruments I had been using when I first started making music in the late '90s. With 'Japan,' I was trying to recapture a part of that sound and combine it with the imagery and experiences from my trip to Hakone. I sent the song to Hannah with nothing more than the title of 'Japan' and she wrote all of the lyrics." As with the recent string of singles they’ve released from this album cycle, the band has offered a 2-pack, which includes the album version and an accompanying instrumental.

Speaking of said instrumental, I wanna talk about how frustrating it was to watch a large portion of the Tycho fandom essentially have a total fucking meltdown about the addition of angelic vocalist Saint Sinner to the mix. As previously mentioned, Hansen has shared how he’s really excited about incorporating the most “organic instrument” on the planet into the Tycho soundscape. I even admitted it was gonna take me a second to get used to the idea. That all said, as someone who lives to watch bands evolve and challenge themselves to push beyond any self or fan-made boundaries, to say I’m disappointed that some folks can’t see the opportunity the band is giving us to reflect on how truly powerful either type of performance is would be an understatement. Hansen is quick to detail the amount of thought that goes into each version, "I wanted to explore the idea of approaching songs from two entirely different perspectives,” he explains, “Similar to 'Pink & Blue,' the instrumental versions are not just the songs with vocals muted, they are different arrangements with different instrumentation and melodies in place of the vocals."

Even before skimming the press release to do this post, just this morning (almost a full month since the “Pink & Blue” writeup mind you) I found myself lost in thought while listening to both versions of “Japan”. I couldn’t help but reflect on how fascinating it is to watch this band begin to be able to articulate into words certain things that maybe their music hadn’t been able to previously. Maybe prior to now Tycho music was akin to those in religious settings who speak in tongues, not sure the exact or best way to fully express themselves, but deep down the sound does enough to speak for itself.

It’s certainly a concept that is worth taking some time to sit with, if only to deepen your appreciation for the band. I hope that those who were upset come around. Personally it just makes me love this band all the more knowing that they’re the ultra meticulous musicians I’ve grown to appreciate them to be busily fretting over every painstaking detail every step of the way with this release.

PS - have you pre-ordered Weather yet? Do you have your tickets for their extensive af world tour coming up? If not, get on that shit, fam!





21 - Byron Bay, Australia - Splendour In The Grass *

23 - Melbourne, Australia - Forum Melbourne

24 - Sydney, Australia - Sydney Opera House

26 - Niigata Prefecture, Japan - Fuji Rock Festival '19 *


5 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre **

6 - Berkeley, CA - Greek Theatre #

7 - Portland, OR - Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall #

8 - Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre #

11 - Denver, CO - The Mission Ballroom #

13 - Minneapolis, MN - Palace Theatre #

15 - Chicago, IL - Aragon Ballroom #

16 - Toronto, ON - Sony Centre for the Performing Arts #

18 - Boston, MA - Wang Theatre - Boch Center #

19 - New York, NY - Summerstage #

20 - Philadelphia, PA - Franklin Music Hall #

21 - Slippery Rock, PA - Resonance Music & Arts Festival *

23 - Detroit, MI - The Masonic #

24 - Columbus, OH - Express Live #

26 - St Louis, MO - The Pageant #

27 - Kansas City, MO - CrossroadsKC #



9 - Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller #

10 - Stockholm, Sweden - Vasteatern #

11 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega Main Hall #

13 - Hamburg, Germany - Uebel & Gefahrlich #

14 - Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall #

15 - Paris, France - Elyse Montmartre #

17 - Brussels, Belgium - AB Ballroom @ Ancienne Belgique #

18 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso #

19 - Berlin, Germany - Huxley's #

21 - Warsaw, Poland - Praga Centrum #

23 - Prague, Czech Republic - Roxy #

24 - Budapest, Hungary - Akvarium #

25 - Vienna, Austria - WUK #

27 - Milan, Italy - Fabrique #

28 - Bologna, Italy - Estragon #


1 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Apolo #

5 - London, UK - Printworks #

* Festival Performance

** Chrome Sparks

# Poolside

[SONG OF THE DAY] Yung Bae - "Must Be Love"
Yung Bae 2019





For a few years now the bottle of neon and sunshine that is Yung Bae has been gallivanting across the internet tossing all the glittering futurefunk disco vibes with every breath he takes. Today the Portland-based producer has announced a brand new album, Bae 5, which is slated for release on June 28th, and shared the lead single, “Must Be Love”, our first taste of what’s to come. In true fashion for Yung Bae, it’s all meticulously crafted high energy futurefunk that will def make you break a sweat grooving out to on the dance floor. Bae 5 is a followup to his 2017 album, B4E that if you have not blessed your earholes with please add that to your queue after you fall for this new track.

In addition to the big news, the smol yungest bae has also shared that he’s going on tour!!!!!! That’s right! 21 dates across North America this fall in addition to some festival appearances, baby! Tickets are on sale now! Get the fuck hype!

October 17th!

Brooklyn Bowl!

Imma be wearing so much body glitter lmao

It gonna be 🔥✨⚡️


Fri Oct 11 - Austin, TX @ Parish

Sat Oct 12 - Dallas, TX @ Trees

Sun Oct 13 - Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall

Tue Oct 15 - Atlanta, GA @Aisle 5

Thu Oct 17 - Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl

Fri Oct 18 - Philadelphia, PA @ Foundry

Sat Oct 19 - Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall

Sun Oct 20 - Boston, MA @ Middle East Downstairs

Tue Oct 22 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE

Wed Oct 23 - Columbus, OH @ Basement

Thu Oct 24 - Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop

Fri Oct 25 - Toronto, ON @ Velvet Underground

Sat Oct 26 - Detroit, MI @El Club

Tue Oct 29 - Kansas City, MO @ RecordBar

Fri Nov 01 - Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre

Sat Nov 02 - Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf

Mon Nov 04 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court

Thu Nov 07 - Seattle, WA @ Crocodile

Fri Nov 08 - Vancouver, BC @ Celebrities Underground

Sat Nov 09 - Portland, OR (Night 1) @ Holocene

Sun Nov 10 - Portland, OR (Night 2) @ Holocene


6/21 @ Firefly

6/28 @ Electric Forest

7/14 @ High Seas West

7/20 @ Camp Bisco

8/2 @ Summer Meltdown

8/30 @ North Coast

9/21 @ Life Is Beautiful

9/29 @ CRSSD

11/17 @ Corona Capital

[SONG OF THE DAY] Electric Youth - "The Life"
photo credit: SECRETSECRET

photo credit: SECRETSECRET

Toronto synthpop duo Electric Youth have returned with a dazzling new single, “The Life”, which comes from their forthcoming sophomore album Memory Emotion, which is out on August 9th courtesy of Watts Arcade Inc./Last Gang Records. Speaking on the track, multi-instrumentalist Austin Garrick shares, “‘The Life’ encapsulates the spectrum of that experience, from the dark to the light, the birth and rebirth, the destruction, degeneration and regeneration of living things on our planet, the home to all greedy megalomaniacs and generous martyrs alike.”

The announcement for Memory Emotion comes a whopping four years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut, Innerworld and is meant to offer an alternative perspective to the themes explored throughout their debut “Innerworld was finding that sense of self, developing and establishing a viewpoint, and Memory Emotion is us taking that viewpoint with us out into the world,” Garrick explains, "Memory Emotion is much more outer-world, an album focused on the external world we live in and the way in which we interact with the world as a result of the emotions attached to our memories.”

In addition to the album announcement the band also unveiled a gorgeous music video for “The Life” along with the news of an album release show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on August 17th. If you remember way back when, yer girl was at their first show at MHoW so bet your buns imma be back there for round two snapping photos and sighing dreamily.

Lotta people coming back to the party this week it seems. Here. For. It.

unnamed (30).jpg

Memory Emotion Tracklist:

1. The Life


3. Breathless

4. Real Ones

5. On My Own

6. Higher

7. thirteen

8. Evergreen 143

9. Now Now

10. Through the same eyes

11. Memory Emotion (Outro)

[SONG OF THE DAY] !!! - "UR Paranoid"

I could attempt to quantify how happy I am that in spite of them still being one of the hardest bands to talk to people about via text that !!! (Chk Chk Chk) are still around and consistently cranking out the hits but tbh it would take awhile and you came here for bops so let’s just keep things moving along, shall we?

Following their latest LP MEGAM!!!X Vol. 1: Shake Shake Shake the legendary dance punk outfit has returned to share a double single, “UR Paranoid” x “Off The Grid” along with the promise of more music to come.

In addition to the tracks the band also unveiled a music video for, “UR Paranoid” that according to a post on the band’s Facebook was partially shot in an abandoned mall that they broke into.

In addition to new music (and allegedly more on the way), the band also has a handful of festival gigs and such lined up. Dates below!

Upcoming !!! Shows

8 Lanzarote Spain Sonido Liquidos Festival

9 Bethlehem PA Musikfest
10 Harrisburg PA Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center

7 Raleigh NC Hopscotch Festival