[SONG OF THE DAY] Example - "All Night"


Longtime SKOA favorite Example has been cranking out some top tunes over the past year on his newly fashioned imprint, Staneric Recordings. I’m especially loving his latest, “All Night”, which in addition to painting a picture of how I envision going out in London must be like, is living proof that the man his living his best life. In addition to the new single, Elliot and his totally adorable wife, model Erin McNaught made a DIY music video after putting their kids to bed in what appears to be their living room. There’s no well thought out choreography or anything over the top about it. While other people are enjoying the video for, um, reasons, I just love the idea of these two drunk trying to quietly do somewhere around 12 takes to make this video hoping to god that their kids didn’t wake up. I wouldn’t be surprised if the song took off because people decided to recreate the video because of its simplicity and playfulness. Considering he did everything on his own for this single, I hope this becomes the norm for him. The multitasking looks really good on him.