[SONG OF THE DAY] Jakuzi - "Şüphe"

Photo credit: Aylin Gungor

Photo credit: Aylin Gungor


Layer on more eyeliner and put on your darkest lipstick if that is your thing (I know you’re already wearing all black), we’re about to join Istanbul creatures of the night Jakuzi for an all night dark wave dance party with "Şüphe", the lead single from their forthcoming sophomore album, Hata Payı, which will be out on April 5th courtesy of City Slang. Like every smart band does for an album launch, the band has also unveiled an accompanying video for the song, which follows the somewhat tumultuous relationship of a pair of dancers over the course of the song.

Y’all I am deadass SMITTEN with this band and I have no fucking clue what they’re saying. This is like when I fell in love with Sigur Ros only this time I want to dance like Molly Ringwald late into the night.

In true Kibbe fashion, I’ve spent a lot of time looking more into this band that stumbled into my inbox and learning about the Turkish underground music scene is SO FASCINATING and makes me love this band even harder. Apparently Turkish music, specifically male-fronted bands aren’t exactly known for being introspective. With that in mind, singer Kutay Soyocak made it a point to not just write more vulnerable songs, but to further express himself as a Turkish musician by choosing to sing in Turkish as well. While this choice poses a handful of limitations for the band (there’s not a huge punk/dark wave scene in Turkey, there are no Turkish dark wave-type playlists on Spotify for the band to be discovered on, etc.), they’ve managed to garner a fair amount of praise for their debut album, Fantezi Müzik and have even had the opportunity to play sold-out shows with their hero John Maus.

Their new album, Hati Payı' (which literally translates to “a part of the mistake”), is a deeper dive into the the intimate themes that were briefly explored in Fantezi Müzik. Speaking about his personal journey creating this record, Kutay said, “I think my own melancholy is coming from where I live. This can be seen in the lyrics. I feel dark, lost and lonely. The country that I’m living in just puts me in these feelings. The economy and politics here feels like life without hope.” He went on, “The future is dark for us in here. Trying to keep our hopes high and continuing what we do. The audience is getting bigger every day and they support us and it is just pure love in our gigs.”

Produced by Taner Yücel and recorded in Istanbul, Hati Payı is all about acceptance of every community, gender, race, sexuality. It’s also about the acceptance of yourself and dealing with the demons that come with being alive in the modern day.