[SONG OF THE DAY] Max Rad - "Flesh & Blood"


As much as it irritates me to no end when artists go the hella illusive route with their online personas, I do delight in reporting on the occasional super sleuthing mission. This me for today’s SOTD —-> 🧐

Earlier this week The Algorithm™ delivered London producer/singer-songwriter Max Rad’s last track, “Rumors”, which as you’ll hear for yourself, is this laid back blend of trip-hop and R&B. As per usual when I find something that’s a delight to my ears I dive head first into their artist profile to see what else they’ve got going on.

Me: Oh! There’s a brand new track, “Flesh & Blood” and it’s just as good (if not better) than “Rumors”! Hell yes! Okay so what is this dude’s deal then?

Fam, there’s just like links to his Instagram and Facebook. No bio. No nothing. But he’s on like so many fucking playlists. His Instagram is meticulous and nothing too personal. But wait there’s a link to his official website on his Facebook where you can enter your email for free tickets (for what I assume is this Camden Assembly show on April 25th in London).

Which of course had me all, Okay no but REALLY who the fuck is this dude?!

Fortunately for y’all I have zero chill so I sat back for a couple of days and started looking for clues. Earlier today, I noticed on IG stories that he was celebrating the fact that London singer-songwriter Nathan Ball hit 4 million streams on his breakout track, “Drifting”. A track that, per some additional casual digging, a one Max Radford co-wrote and co-produced.

From the looks of the personal Twitter account he occasionally still updates, the story here appears to be that the dude has been working closely with Nathan Ball for a minute, lending his services on guitar for Ball as needed. Then early last year he started putting together the project you’re vibing to now under the name Max Rad and started getting some buzz love from around folks like Line of the Best Fit, Blue Walrus, NME, Clash, etc.

You’ll note that when Clash first wrote up his debut single, “Carousel”, that they even go as far to say, “We still don't know a hell of a lot about the newcomer - but that's fine, given that his colourful, lucid pop constructions speak for themselves.”

Well…. now you at least have a bit more to sink your teeth into so when you tell your friends about Max Rad you can say more than, “Yo this shit so so good tho”.