[SONG OF THE DAY] Pat Lok - "Don't Think (feat. Tom Aspaul)"


It would appear that Vancouver vibe maker Pat Lok is going through our mutual Twitter follows for all his current collaborations. After working with the dude Dances on “From The Back”, Pat has now teamed up with my roommate in a parallel universe, Tom Aspaul, for his latest track, “Don’t Think”.

Drawing inspiration from legendary diva Janet Jackson, Lok explained how her music was a source of inspiration for both him and Tom, “As a big Janet Jackson fan growing up (she's actually on the shirt I'm wearing right now) I loved how she walked the line between really dancey songs and more groovy numbers. I met Tom Aspaul in London who was also a fan and we ended up writing this little number inspired by the queen.”

I’m happy to report that Pat has taken time off from his grueling international tour schedule and is currently in the studio working on a new EP to bless us with this spring. 🙌🏻🙌🏻