[SONG OF THE DAY] Miro Shot - "Boston Dynamic"


Last week global digital utopian artist collective Miro Shot released “Boston Dynamic”, the followup to their debut single, “Leaders In A Long Lost World”. As lead singer Roman Rappak explained, “‘Boston Dynamic’ is a song about online communities, gaming culture and being committed to a cause. It’s about all the good and bad things that come with being part of something.” The song features the 65-piece Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra to perform on the track, arranged by BAFTA winning composer Alexander Parsons, because of course it does. This project continues to be like, “Oh Kibbe you thought THAT was cool? Hold my robot’s beer.”

The accompanying music video for the song is another showcase of the eclectic collaborative efforts of the collective, this time around featuring contributions from NASA and the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies Dynamic Systems Lab alongside emerging filmmakers from Buenos Aires, Brooklyn-based graphic designers and technologists from Wales, as well as established artists including Beeple (who has worked with the likes of Flying Lotus and the NFL) and illustrator/artist Oliver Harud. There are little tidbits peppered throughout the blend of mixed media where the themes of the song are further driven home. The CGI interface imagined in certain snippets displays a variety of information, from shoe size and browser history to “there are 4 racists on this floor” or “everyone on this floor has heard domestic abuse and done nothing”, calling out the lack of cohesion and opportunities to improve humanity with groundbreaking technologies.

Don’t forget you can be part of the collective by signing up over on their website.