[SONG OF THE DAY] The Kickdrums - "Bubblegum"


OG SKOA fam Alex Fitts known as The Kickdrums to the rest of the world has been so busy making other people sound good that it’s been close to 2 years since he’s released anything of his own. Fortunately for us, not only do we finally have something to follow up “Love Is Fine”, but Fitts has also announced that he’ll be dropping an EP, La Playa, later this spring. The new track, “Bubblegum”, fits well into the realm of The Kickdrums signature sound, but it’s a little bit more airy and easygoing than anything he’s released in recent memory. Something tells me that the location where the track was recorded has something to do with it given that it was made in a small beach town in southern Spain called Estepona.

Taking the time out from his Brooklyn home base has very clearly done him some good. “I was trying to explore new and different combinations of music for me as a producer/singer,” Fitts explained, “At times my music may sound like a band, but it's really just me with a drum machine and some instruments.”

Good to have to back, bb. Keep ‘em coming!