[Listen] The Black Keys - "Fever"

It emerged late last week that The Black Keys were planning on releasing a new album rather soon. Patrick Carney had been teasing fans on his Instagram posting numerous pictures relating to the colour blue, in between his ever funny digs at Justin Bieber. Along with that we were set to get a brand new track today. Announcing their new album Turn Blue will be released on May 13th via one of the most weird videos I've seen recently, posted on Mike Tyson's Twitter account, the duo are back! Below you can stream "Fever", the first track taken from the new LP and it merges together a more electronic sound from the pairing along with the classic groove the two are so renowned for. I think this album will be one of the most highly anticipated of the year. Let's wait to see what the rest of the album delivers but this is one tasty first bite of what they've been cooking up since El Camino's release in 2011.


[Listen] Manchester Orchestra - "Cope"

Manchester Orchestra are going to release their new album COPE in a few weeks and in anticipation of that CoS have premiered the title track, and it's absolutely huge. Screeching guitars and a lead riff that will surely tear the roof off many a venue this year make up the track. Andy's vocal range is once again utilised to piece together a perfect roller coaster of a track. Sewing together quiet and loud elements, the song that closes out the band's new album is one hell of a message of what you can expect upon release. 

Set for release on April 1st via Loma Vista Recordings/Favorite Gentlemen, the album was recorded completely in their home studio, built by the band themselves. For me, the album sees the Atlanta band returning to form and delivering a magical piece of their history that will be remembered long after they're gone. Turn it up loud and hit play below.


[Watch] Royal Blood - "Little Monster" (Official Video)

I got super excited last month upon hearing Royal Blood's new jam "Little Monster" and now the Brighton boys have offered up the official video to go along with the riff heavy slog. This band are destined for big things. Huge things in fact, yet the clip for the track shows where they are now, touring smaller venues around the UK. Heck, later in the year they open for Arctic Monkey at their two huge Finsbury Park shows! This clip however shows footage of the band playing in Sheffield recently, and it does a damn fine job of showcasing the energy these guys have on stage. The sweaty, head shaking crowd does its part to help out too of course. My mind just got a little more blown by the fact these riffs are coming from a Mike Kerr's bass guitar!

Check it out below and look out for more from these gents in the coming months. 


[Watch] Arctic Monkeys - "Arabella" (Official Video)

It's been a good few weeks for Arctic Monkeys following wins at the Brits and NME awards along with Alex giving that speech. Keeping the good times flowing, the Sheffield band have released the official video for the track "Arabella", taken from last year's AM. I love it when you hear an album from one of your favourite bands and they release it as a single and not only that, they deliver a video which is every bit as cool as the once shy band have become. Swaggering through a performance in a club, the black and white clip is the perfect accompaniment to this rock and roll number. The video is NSFW 'cause of some ladies being topless throughout but hey, it's Monday. Your boss probably isn't even awake yet so treat yourself. 


[Listen] Manchester Orchestra - "Every Stone"

Manchester Orchestra are set to release their follow up to 2011's Simple Math, with Cope, on April 1st. They gave us an explosive first taste of what they'd been cooking up in the studio with "Top Notch" last month. Today we get to enjoy our second bite from the album with a track titled, "Every Stone". It's a little more laid back that the previous cut, but that's not to say it's any less powerful. It builds up into a beautiful crescendo of instrumentation that'll brighten up whatever blues are bogging you down on this cold February afternoon. I'm pretty excited to hear the rest of this album, that's for sure!

The Atlanta band have also released a video for "Top Notch" which you can see below along with another string of UK dates set for later in the year. You can see all their live dates over here.


[News] Y Not Festival Announces Initial Line-Up

As we've mentioned in the past few weeks, there are tonnes of festivals announcing their line-ups at the moment and all of them seem to be delivering some stellar line-ups. We have a reformed Outkast playing tonnes of dates the world over, Arctic Monkeys for Reading and Leeds, Snoop Dogg at Parklife, Beck at Bestival. Summer 2014 is already looking like one for the books. 

Keeping it real in the Derbyshire Countryside though, the ever growing Y-Not Festival has announced it's first few headliners and a bunch of acts playing their tents across the first weekend of August 1st-3rd. Dizzee Rascal and White Lies top the bill for the main stage, with some exciting looking names throughout the initial announcement. If you're up for a party, I'm sure Andrew W.K. will be happy to help out with that. Or maybe you're feeling a little more chilled, in which case Newton Faulkner can serenade you. Last year's Y Not was their biggest yet and by the looks of it the team their are planning something extra special for 2014. I'd highly recommend if you're in the UK and wanting to check out a grass roots festival with a really nice, relaxed atmosphere, make it this one.

If you're in a band and fancy playing the festival, head over to their Facebook page for more info and you could be doing just that; playing Y Not!

Tickets are on sale now and you can grab them here. Check out the announcement video below for the full line-up though.


[Listen] Royal Blood - "Little Monster"

I've said it before on here, but I'll say it again. I bloody love noisy two piece outfits and it looks like I've found my new favourite band. Humbling from Brighton, Royal Blood somehow manage to blur the lines between a rough and raw while sounding smooth and polished all at the same time. It's bloody magic ear candy if you ask me. They sound like an amalgamation of any a band and it's safe to say I'm excited to hear more from them in the coming months. I'm going to stop rambling now though 'cause you guys need to stop reading, and start listenin'!

Their latest offering is titled "Little Monster" and it's available to download now. You can peep their previous track "Out of the Black" here. Both are worthy of being on repeat for hours on end.


[Watch] Lily Allen - "Air Balloon" (Official Video) 

I sat on writing this up until the official video came out for Lily Allen's latest single, "Air Balloon", because I was hoping it was going to provide some context, but can anyone out there please explain to me what the actual hell is going on here? Don't get me wrong, the song is insanely catchy, but in terms of depth, this couldn't be more of a polar opposite from her first single, "Hard Out Here". I love absolutely everything about this song until you actually pay attention to what she's singing about. One fo the things I've always appreciated about Allen's music was how quickly one is able to get on board with her. She's typically very straightfoward with what she has to say. However, when I receive the urge to put this song on, I feel uneasy throughout my moment of joyfilled pop bliss. It's like I'm being indoctrinated into some weird cult without my consent. The video (above) is an equally confusing joyride. She goes from aimlessly spinning and singing in a field with butterflies, to pawing on top of a cheetah, to floating around in space? Don't get me wrong, I would love to do all of these things, so maybe I'm just being jealous. I guess it's more that I feel left out because I thought I was on board with her willingness to make such a bold statement with her first single. With no announcement of an album release yet, though, I keep looking from "Hard Out Here", to "Air Ballon, and then to her other recent track on the Girls soundtrack, "L8 CMMR", wondering if she'll make it through this clear experimentational phase unscathed. She's definitely a different woman than she was when her sophmore album, It's Not Me, It's You was released in early 2009, so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, for now, if you need me, I'll be over here "further researching" this song by playing it 10 times in a row. 
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