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[Watch] Check Out Highlights from Vampire Weekend, Alt-J, The xx, Tame Impala and Jessie Ware at Glastonbury 2013

Pilton, UK saw a flood of musical talent enter the Glastonbury festival grounds this past weekend, and it'd be a shame not to share some highlights with those who weren't able to attend.

Vampire Weekend performed songs both old and new. Before joining Mumford & Sons on stage for a cover of The Beatles' "With a Little Help From My Friends," they dished out great renditions of "Diane Young" and "A-Punk."

Tame Impala continued their exstensive festival circuit, burning through fan-favorite "Elephant" with as much passion as ever.

Alt-J were there too, causing an uproar of cheers with their intricate An Awesome Wave highlight "Breezeblocks."

The xx took hold of the crowd, performing their emotional and minimal single "Angels." They really are mesmerizing to watch. I witnessed this at Sasquatch!, and you get a good sense of it even by watching a YouTube clip.

Jessie Ware took things in a dancier direction, booming her vocals across the stage with a sensual rendition of "If You’re Never Gonna Move" (formerly known as "110%").

Check out all of these highlights after the jump, and check out more of BBC's coverage of the festival here.

Vampire Weekend:

Tame Impala:


The xx:

Jessie Ware:

[Sasquatch! 2013] Recap: Day Four

Monday arrived, the final day of Sasquatch! 2013. Despite worsening weather conditions, the upbeat attitudes were still going strong. After a decent Friday and memorable performances on Saturday and Sunday, day four continued to impress. Seriously, who could complain with bands like CHVRCHES, Disclosure, Alt-J, Steve Aoki, Dirty Projectors, Toro Y Moi, P.O.S and The Postal Service? The final day proved a worthy close to the festival, solidifying the heartiness of attendees and the strong breadth of its lineup. It also revealed the downfalls of four days of continuous music and intoxicants. Read below for my take on the closing day of Sasquatch!.

Photo by Christopher Nelson.

We awoke on Monday morning to the sound of pattering rain on our tents, a disheartening thought but not enough to completely dampen our spirits. Pulling together all of our leftover breakfast food—mostly bacon and eggs—we enjoyed one last feast at The Gorge. There was little time for me to hang around in the campground, though, as I had media duties to attend to. With a joint in one hand and my iPod in the other I began my solo trek to the festival grounds, striding eagerly to the upbeat sounds of Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros' "Man on Fire."

A while later I emerged from the media area, fully satisfied with the people I'd met and the interviews I had. Stoned, I made my way to Honda Bigfoot where CHVRCHES were throwing down a dynamic set on a rain-covered stage. Immediately impressive was lead singer Lauren Mayberry, a petite woman with a voice much more grand than expected. Whereas other bands had audio problems at this stage, Mayberry had no problem ensuring her vocals were the center of attention. Amidst fantastic electro pop production, she was able to completely command the surprisingly large crowd before them. There was no better example of this than the band's hit single "Recover," which had the whole crowd dancing in their rain jackets and ponchos. It was only once Mayberry took a step back that CHVRCHES started to falter. For one song, producer Martin Doherty decided to give an attempt at singing, but it really fell flat. He was honestly not good. It got me thinking about the other members of P.O.S in the crowd. Photo by Christopher Nelson.the band: Why hadn't they told him that his singing voice was... well, shit? Thankfully, it only lasted one song, with Mayberry returning to the mic for a few last closing tracks. Overall, it was a surprisingly good set.

As the CHVRCHES crowd diffused, it made room for fans of Doomtree collective's P.O.S to rush to the front barriers. Stefon Alexander made his way on stage, greeted by a mass of cheering admirers and an increasing downpour. The rain tooks its toll on him, as he slipped on the wet stage and fell onto his side. He quickly returned to his feet, joking that it was entirely "intentional." But that didn't affect him at all, as he began tearing into his new album We Don't Even Live Here. For the majority of the set Alexander was right up against the barriers, grabbing the hands of an excited audience as his verses and flows spewed out. The set was made even more energetic by the beats underlying his raps, some grimey, electronic production that got people dancing their asses off at three in the afternoon.

P.O.S left us in a great mood, such that all we wanted to do was party. Realizing our campsite was stocked with plentiful alcohol and good food, we headed back for some R&R. With rain pouring overhead, we happily ate spaghettti and smoked weed until everyone succumbed to the toll of a weekend's worth of drinking and lack of sleep. Unfortunately, while passed out in my tent, I missed a few shows I wanted to see—Dirty Projectors, Death Grips, Toro Y Moi, Twin Shadow and Odesza—but hey, sometimes there are sacrifices we need to make. Especially for the sakes of our bodies.

With food in my stomach and alcohol sifting through my liver, I gathered our group and we all headed to the festival grounds for one last night of music and partying. We had a very direct goal, to go directly to the El Chupacabra tent to see Disclosure. My girlfriend and I are huge fans of these guys and missed them while they were in Vancouver, so seeing them at Sasquatch! was a definite priority. The El Chupacabra tent was packed, but we edged our way around the outside straight to the left side of the stage. After one hour of body-jacking electronica, I just wanted Guy and Lawrence Howard to DJ the rest of the festival. I mean, holy shit, these brothers can really manipulate a crowd. The excitement felt when they began playing "Latch" and "White Noise" was electric, and every song played saw one brother plucking basslines on his guitar while the other triggered claps and high hats on his drum kit. It was a subtle inclusion that added a lot to the overall experience of seeing these guys live. It also helped that every song they played was fantastic.

Exiting the sweaty confines of the Chupacabra tent, we heard Alt-J plucking the first note of their set at the not-too-distant Bigfoot stage. Rushing over, our group found a good spot on the right side of the stage, just outside of the tightly-packed masses. I'm hoping it was Alt-J. Photo by Matthew Lamb.just because of our spot—it was at around a 170° angle facing out from the stage—but the band suffered from similar problems to others who performed at Bigfoot. You could hear the versatile talent of vocalist Joe Newman, but his voice lacked the punch it needed and was often overshadowed by a drum kick or bassline. Perhaps for the stage to sound perfect you had to be facing it directly, but it was still disappointing for these sound issues to appear again and again over the course of the weekend. Small gripes aside, I was still enthusiastic to hear Alt-J perform. Relying solely on their debut album An Awesome Wave, each song played was met with cheers from a crowd anxious to hear their favorites. "Tesselate," "Breezeblocks," "Taro," "Fitzpleasure," and "Matilda" were all there, and they were all great. I can't help but imagine how fantastic these guys would sound playing at a mid-to-large-sized indoor venue. Guess I'll have to wait till their fall tour.

As Alt-J's set drew to a close, the sounds of Steve Aoki at the El Chupacabra tent took over. We meandered over, lifted up the side of the tent and crawled under. When we emerged, it was to the sight of Steve Aoki popping champagne bottles all over the crowd, an inflatable boat with a girl in it skimming the tops of the audience. It was a raging party, and props to Aoki for his undeniable talent at partying, but it really emphasized an issue I have with a lot of producers. So many of them are great at making music, at using production programs to remix and create fantastic beats. But, and this is a big but, they rarely have a clue of how to be a live performer. Sure, Steve can blast his electronic stylings and revel in the drunken crowds ready to consume, but he's not really doing anything. He's mostly pressing play, fiddling with knobs when the song is about to drop and then crowd-surfing on an inflatable boat. It's fun, yeah, but it's not impressive from an artistic standpoint. There's no talent in pressing play.

I wasn't about to dedicate the rest of my time at Sasquatch! to Steve Aoki, so I opted for The Postal Service instead. A much better choice, I think. It's been ten years since I got hooked on their lone album Give Up, but I never got the chance to see Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello (aka Dntel) live. I jumped on the opportunity this time around. With ten minutes to go until the band's set time, the main floor of the Sasquatch stage still offered pockets of space ready to be occupied. My friends and I found one with ample view of the stage and held our place. Applause was overwhelming as the newly reunited outfit took to the stage, comprised of a svelte Gibbard, an upbeat Tamborello and the beautiful Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley).

They performed nearly all of Give Up's ten tracks, as well as a fantastic rendition of "A Tattered Line of String." I listened in excitement as Gibbard hopped on the drums for "This Place Is a Prison," or as Lewis and Gibbard exchanged playful looks as the sung a duet on "Nothing Better." The crowd's excitement elevated my elation, cheering wildly as "Brand New Colony" began with its echoing synthesizers or as "Clark Gable" shifts from soothing melodies to quick-tempoed synth pop. The sound during this show was simply outstanding, and each element—the bass, vocals, guitars, drums and synthesizers—came through crisp and clear. Even though the bass was loud it didn't take away from Gibbard's singing. It all resonated perfectly. Ten years later, I'm still a sucker for Gibbard and Tamborello.

The Postal Service. Photo by Matthew Lamb.Returning to Vancouver, we were exhausted, wet and hungover. Despite this, there was a definite sense of fulfillment. No matter how battered and bruised we were, we left The Gorge feeling more excited than when we arrived. All this thanks to so many incredible performances, (mostly) good weather, cheap alcohol and great friends. Sasquatch! 2013 was memorable in a lot ways, so many that it deserves a return visit. I will gladly return to The Gorge again soon.

By Adrian McCavour.

[Listen] Ellie Goulding - "Tessellate" (Alt-J Cover)

This was a nice surprise to see pop up in my feed a few days ago. Earmilk snagged a premiere of a beautiful sounding cover from the talented Ellie Goulding. We've heard her cover numerous tracks and she never disappoints. Today is no different as she takes on another huge British band, Alt-J, and their track "Tessellate" which featured on the Mercury Prize winning, An Awesome Wave. Now add into the mix production from Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang and you've got one absolutely great track. Check it out below.

[Sasquatch! 2013] Our Most Anticipated Artists of the Festival (Day Three and Four)

Only one day left until Sasquatch! commences. Today and tomorrow will see thousands of avid music fans journeying to The Gorge Amphitheatre in George, WA, prepping their campsites, stocking up on alcohol and drugs in anticipation of dozens of amazing performances. This year's lineup boasts some fantastic talent, such as The xx, Vampire Weekend, Sigur Rós, The Postal Service, Disclosure, Arctic Monkeys, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros and many, many more. It's a lineup worth salivating over.

As the festival quickly approaches, I've put together a list of some of the best acts playing each of the four nights. Each band comes with some recommended listening, because there is no better way to prepare for a festival than sampling what each band has to offer, whether you know them or not. Take a look at our most anticipated artists for days one and two here, and check out days three and four below.

Day Three (Sunday):

Danny Brown - 3:15-4:00pm @Sasquatch

Danny Brown is a crazy dude. Very crazy. His ridiculous presence on his albums and mixtapes should equal an incredibly energetic live show. Did I mention that he got a blowjob onstage during a recent performance and didn't miss a beat?

Recommended Listening:

El-P - 5:30-6:30 @Honda Bigfoot

Last year's Cancer 4 Cure marked El-P's return after five years of absence. It was an amazing album that showcased his talent at bringing humor, wit and dark themes together into a cohesive hip-hop sound. On top of that, if featured some incredible production. I can't imagine his live performance will disappoint.

Recommended Listening:

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - 7:10-8:10pm @Sasquatch

Have you ever seen live footage of Edward Sharpe and his hippy cohorts performing live? If you haven't, do it now. One thing you'll notice quickly is the unreal energy that this group has, and that is guaranteed to transfer straight to the crowd. If you make it to the main stage on Sunday night, expect the audience to be partying just as hard as Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.

Recommended Listening:

Earl Sweatshirt - 8:15-9:00pm @Honda Bigfoot

Earl has made a huge return this year. After a long-rumored and now confirmed absence in Samoa, the Odd Future member is back working on a new album called Doris. He's already debuted new material during his ongoing festival circuit, so hopefully he offer up something new this weekend.

Recommended Listening:

Baths - 9:00-10:00pm @El Chupacabra

Baths has created some quirky electronic beats for years now. His debut album Cerulean was great from start to finish, an eclectic and refreshing collection of synthesizers and samples. With his sophomore album Obsidian set to release next week, what better time for the Los Angeles musician to unleash a swath of new tunes.

Recommended Listening:

Grimes - 10:00-11:00pm @Honda Bigfoot

Vancouver turn Montreal musician Clair Boucher has quickly garnered praise from across the music industry. She's a charming woman with a penchant for the oddities, and her music is a direct reflection of this. Her electronic productions are captivating and at the same time so very weird, but it's exactly this that makes her so intriguing. What better place to be won over by Grimes than the gorgeous vistas of the Gorge?

Recommended Listening:

Killer Mike - 9:10-9:45pm @Yeti

Killer Mike is poised to dominate over the next year or two. This year, he'll be releasing a collaborative album with El-P, who produced the excellent R.A.P. Music, and next year he'll release not one but two albums. With El-P performing at the festival and a ton of new material in the works, you can expect Killer Mike's show will be pretty memorable.

Recommended Listening:

The Presets - 12:00-1:15am @El Chupacabra

The Presets are fantastic live. I've seen them twice now and they do not disappoint. They tweak and expand beyond what is featured on their albums, and turn what could be a simple dancey live set into a body-jacking, floor-thumping experience. Let The Presets occupy your eardrums in the late hours of the night.

Recommended Listening:


Day Four (Monday):

P.O.S -2:25-3:10pm @Honda Bigfoot

P.O.S is representing the Doomtree collective at Sasquatch! this year, bringing the bluesy hip-hop sound of Minneapolis to Washington state. Hopefully we'll hear tracks from throughout his career, including last year's We Don't Even Live Here. Personally, I'm hoping for a bit o' "Sarah Silverman."

Recommended Listening:

Dirty Projectors - 4:30-5:30pm @Honda Bigfoot

Swing Lo Magellan was one of my favorite albums of last year, and I've heard great things of Dirty Projectors' live performance. Don't pass up the chance to hear David Longstreth and Amber Coffman's incredible and expansive vocal talents in person.

Recommended Listening:

Death Grips - 5:50-6:50pm @Honda Bigfoot

This is the show that'll be burned into your memory for a while. My roommate, who unfortunately can't make it to Sasquatch! this year, said this was his most anticipated artist, and for good reason. The duo of rapper Stefan Burnett and producers Zach Hill and Andy Morin are crazy sons of bitches, with the verses of the former equalling the insanity of the beats of the latter. This is intense rap, no question about it. If you go see Death Grips be warned, a most pit is inevitable.

Recommended Listening:

Toro Y Moi - 6:00-7:00pm @El Chupacabra

Chazwick Bundick has put out some amazing albums these past few years. This past January he gave us his third, Anything In Return, and while much of it crept into mindless pop (I'm mostly referring to the lyrics) there are plenty of gems to be found. He combines such an eclectic taste, drawing influence from pop, hip-hop, R&B and electronic. The result are incredible songs like "Rose Quartz," "Say That" and "Never Matter." Personally, I can't wait for Bundick to bring these to the Sasquatch grounds. Hopefully you're on board too.

Recommended Listening:

Twin Shadow - 7:10-8:10pm @Honda Bigfoot

Twin Shadow evokes the best of the '80s. Leather jackets, wild haircuts, and bringing confessional lyricism together with '80s guitar licks and glittering synthesizers. It's pretty fantastic, and if you're in the mood for an '80s throwback this is the show for you.

Recommended Listening:

Disclosure - 7:30-8:30pm @El Chupacabra

Guy and Howard Lawrence are a talented pair of brothers. Every song they put out is fantastic, whether it's "White Noise" with AlunaGeorge, "You & Me" with Eliza Doolittle or even the brand new track "When A Fire Starts To Burn" (which just debuted today). Even though their set is a bit earlier than I hoped—they would have been a perfect late-night set—it's one of my most anticipated performances of the festival. Get ready to get down and dirty at this one.

Recommended Listening:

Alt-J - 8:30-9:30pm @Honda Bigfoot

Alt-J is a strange band. Really, they are. But this strange aura around them they are incredibly accessible. Hell, they won the Mercury Prize for their debut album An Awesome Wave. It's their broad scope and diverse but fantastic sound that draws in a huge fanbase. You can expect their show at Sasquatch! to be just as diverse.

Recommended Listening:

The Postal Service - 10:00-11:30pm @Sasquatch

What better festival for The Postal Service to headline than Sasquatch!, taking place in Ben Gibbard's home state of Washington. Ten years after releasing their lone album Give Up, Gibbard and Dntel came together for a reunion tour and a re-release of the LP. When that album first came out I was still in middle school, and all that teenage angst found solace in the moody electronic stylings of The Postal Service. I have a nostalgia with the band, as do so many others, and I highly doubt they'll disappoint that nostalgia.

Recommended Listening:

[Watch] Alt-J Perform "Breezeblocks" on Conan

In between Coachella weekends, Alt-J made their U.S. late night television debut on Conan. Dropping by O'Brien's Burbank studio, the band performed An Awesome Wave highlight "Breezeblocks." The Leeds outfit did a fine job supporting their Mercury Prize-winning debut. Check out their performance below.

If you're not attending Coachella this weekend, there are plenty of other opportunities to see Alt-J live. The band has a extensive tour plans, running through till September. Check out their full schedule after the jump.

Alt-J 2013 Tour Dates:
04/19 – Indio, CA @ Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
04/21 – Aspen, CO @ Belly Up
04/22 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
04/23 – Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
05/03 – Dublin IE @ Olympia %
05/05 – Birmingham, UK @ O2 Academy %
05/06 – Glasgow, UK @ O2 ABC %
05/08 – Newcastle, UK @ O2 Academy %
05/09 – Manchester, UK @ Academy %
05/10 – Leeds, UK @ O2 Academy %
05/11 – Liverpool, UK @ O2 Academy %
05/13 – Nottingham, UK @ Rock CIty %
05/14 – Cambridge, UK @ Corn Exchange
05/15 – Bristol, UK @ O2 Academy %
05/16 – London, UK @ Academy Brixton %
05/17 - London, UK @ Academy Brixton %
05/27 – George, WA @ Sasquatch! Music Festival
05/30 – Hassleholm, SE @ Siesta Festival
06/01 – Moscow, RU @ Ahmad Tea Music Festival
06/08 – Randall’s Island, NY @ Governors Ball Music Festival
06/10 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls
06/11 – Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
06/12 – Indianapolis, IN @ Deluxe (Old Nat’l Center)
06/13-14 – Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
06/15 – Aarhus, DK @ Northside Festival
06/16 – Landgraaf, NL @ Pinkpop Festival
06/19 – Luxembourg City, LU @ Rockhal
06/21 – Neuhasen, DE @ Hurricane/Southside Festival
06/22 – Hilvarenbeek, NL @ Best Kept Secret Festival
06/23 – Neuhausen, DE @ Hurricane/Southside Festival
07/03 – Gydnia, PL @ Heineken Open’er Festival
07/04 – Malsaucy, FR @ Les Eurockéennes
07/05 – Arras, FR @ Main Square Festival
07/07 – Werchter, BE @ Rock Werchter Festival
07/11 – Bilbao, ES @ Bilbao BBK Live
07/13 – Balado, UK @ T in the Park
07/14 – Lisbon, PT @ Optimus Alive! Festival
07/18 – Tonsberg, NO @ Slottsfjell Festival
07/19 - Gräfenhainichen, DE @ Melt Festival
07/20 – Suffolk, UK @ Latitude Festival
07/22 – Lucerne, CH @ Blue Balls Festival
07/27 – Perth, AU @ Challenge Stadium
07/30 – Melbourne, AU @ Festival Hall
07/31 – Sydney, AU @ Hordern Pavilion
08/02 – Montreal, QC @ Osheaga Festival
08/04 – Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza
08/07 – Mexico City, MX @ El Plaza Condesa
08/10 – Tokyo, JP @ Summer Sonic Festival
08/11 – Osaka, JP @ Summer Sonic Festival
08/23-25 – Reading and Leeds, UK @ Reading and Leeds Festivals
08/23-25 – Saint-Cloud, FR @ Rock en Seine
08/29 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater
09/01 – Vancouver, BC @ Orpheum
09/03 – Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom ^
09/05 – Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium
09/07 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue ^
09/08 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue ^
09/10 – Detroit, MI @ Royal Oak Music Hall ^
09/11 – Toronto, ON @ Echo Beach^
09/13 – Boston, MA @ Bank Of America Pavilion^
09/18 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club^
09/20 – Charlotte, NC @ The Fillmore
09/21 – Nashville, TN @ Ryman Auditorium^
09/23 – Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle^
09/25 – New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues^
09/26 – Houston, TX @ The Bayou^
09/28 – Austin, TX @ Stubbs^
09/29 – Dallas, TX @ House of Blues^
10/02 – Paris, FR @ Olympia

# = w/ Youth Lagoon
% = w/ Hundred Waters
^ = w/ Lord Huron

[News] Alt-J Announce More 2013 Tour Dates

Alt-J are fucking dedicated. Their debut album An Awesome Wave received heaps of praise when it was released, it won the Mercury Prize back in November, and the UK indie outfit will soon embark on an expansive worldwide tour to support the LP. With a huge list of dates and festival appearances throughout North America and Europe taking them through till August, you would think they would set aside some time for a break. Apparently not. Alt-J will be back in North America in September, stopping in 13 cities over the course of the month.

Check out their extensive tour schedule after the jump.

Alt-J 2013 Tour Dates:
03/02 – Boston, MA @ Paradise
03/04 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
03/05 – Carrboro, NC @ Cats Cradle
03/06 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade (Hell Stage)
03/08 – Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree
03/09 – New Orleans, LA @ Buku Music + Art Project
03/10 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s
03/12-15 – Austin, TX @ South by Southwest
03/16 – Dallas, TX @ Granada Theater
03/18 – Nashville, TN @ Mercy Lounge
03/19 – Louisville, KY @ Headliners Music Hall
03/21 – Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
03/22 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall
03/24 – New York, NY @ Terminal 5
03/25 – Montreal, QC @ Corona Theatre
03/27 – Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre
03/28 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
03/29 – Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall Ballroom
03/30 – Columbus, OH @ LC Pavilion
04/01 – Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity Theater
04/02 – Kansas City, MO @ Midland Theatre
04/03 – Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
04/04 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
04/06 – Seattle, WA @ Neptune
04/07 – Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
04/08 – Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
04/10 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
04/12 – Indio, CA @ Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
04/14 – Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades %
04/16 – San Diego, CA @ Belly Up %
04/17 – Santa Ana, CA @ Observatory #
04/19 – Indio, CA @ Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
05/05 – Birmingham, UK @ O2 Academy
05/06 – Glasgow, UK @ O2 ABC
05/08 – Newcastle, UK @ O2 Academy
05/09 – Manchester, UK @ Academy
05/10 – Leeds, UK @ O2 Academy
05/11 – Liverpool, UK @ O2 Academy
05/13 – Nottingham, UK @ Rock CIty
05/14 – Cambridge, UK @ Corn Exchange
05/15 – Bristol, UK @ O2 Academy
05/16 – London, UK @ Academy Brixton
05/17 - London, UK @ Academy Brixton
05/27 – George, WA @ Sasquatch! Music Festival
06/01 – Moscow, RU @ Ahmad Tea Music Festival
06/08 – Randall’s Island, NY @ Governors Ball Music Festival
06/10 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls
06/11 – Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
06/12 – Indianapolis, IN @ Deluxe (Old Nat’l Center)
06/13-16 – Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
06/15 – Aarhus, DK @ Northside Festival
06/19 – Luxembourg City, LU @ Rockhal
06/21 – Neuhasen, DE @ Hurricane/Southside Festival
06/22 – Hilvarenbeek, NL @ Best Kept Secret Festival
06/23 – Neuhausen, DE @ Hurricane/Southside Festival
07/03 – Gydnia, PL @ Heineken Open’er Festival
07/05 – Arras, FR @ Main Square Festival
07/07 – Werchter, BE @ Rock Werchter Festival
07/11 – Bilbao, ES @ Bilbao BBK Live
07/13 – Balado, UK @ T in the Park
07/14 – Lisbon, PT @ Optimus Alive! Festival
07/18 – Tonsberg, NO @ Slottsfjell Festival
07/19 - Gräfenhainichen, DE @ Melt Festival
08/29 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater
08/23-25 – Reading and Leeds, UK @ Reading and Leeds Festivals
09/01 – Vancouver, BC @ Orpheum
09/03 – Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
09/05 – Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium
09/07 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
09/10 – Detroit, MI @ Royal Oak Music Hall
09/11 – Toronto, ON @ Echo Beach
09/13 – Boston, MA @ Bank Of America Pavilion
09/18 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
09/23 – Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
09/24 – Orlando, FL @ House of Blues
09/27 – Houston, TX @ House of Blues
09/28 – Austin, TX @ Stubbs
09/29 – Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
10/02 – Paris, FR @ Olympia

% = w/ Hundred Waters
# = w/ Youth Lagoon

[Listen] Alt-J - "Fitzpleasure" (Betatraxx Remix)

Alt-J's An Awesome Wave has received a boost since winning the Mercury Music Prize and in turn I've noticed the band's music being used a lot on British television and them being played a little more on the Radio. Good on 'em. Today we get to enjoy a remix of their track "Fitzpleasure" from Los Angeles-based producer Betatraxx who changes the song dramtically into a dance worthy club track. See for yourselves below.

Jump over here to get your copy of An Awesome Wave.

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[News] Initial Leeds & Reading Festival Line-Up Announced Incl. Deftones & Alt-J

Leeds & Reading take place on a *usually* sunny bank-holiday weekend in August. For me it was my first ever Festival experience and next year will be my 9th in a row. Yeah, I know, 9. I feel a little older just for typing that. With 2012 being a raging success with sets from The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, The Cure, At The Drive In and Florence and the Machine, 2013's initial line-up has just been announced. It's a break from tradition as the festivals normally announce a large portion of the acts in March along with tickets immediately after. The line-up announcement so far, 4 acts, is a pretty mixed bag  but it should definitely get some people pretty excited. Deftones, Alt-J, Sub Focus and Boy Better Know are those 4.

Organisers of the festival have stated they're looking to broaden the horizons of the event with more stages and a re-shuffle of the main arenas, so I'm expecting this mix of acts to be a preview of something far bigger, covering many people's musical tastes.

Weekend tickets will go on sale tomorrow and they'll be doing a deposit scheme in which you can pit down £50 and then pay the rest before 31st March next year. Pretty neat huh?!