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[SONG OF THE DAY] Blanche - "Moment"
Photo credit: Chloe Sheppard

Photo credit: Chloe Sheppard

Belgian alt-pop artist Blanche (born Ellie Delvaux) released her latest single, “Moment” late last week along with an accompanying music video.

Speaking on the track, Blanche explains that "Moment" is about the struggle with, “living in the present, trying to forget about any doubts and fears you have…” She goes on to say, “We have to let ourselves live. If we don’t learn to enjoy the present moment, then we might regret it when it’s over.” This theme is reinforced in the music video, which features her and her friends letting go of their inhibitions while focusing on the excitement and purity of youth.

Fun fact about the track: the hook for “Moment” was actually written by Delvaux’s boyfriend for one of his rap tracks, but they quickly saw the potential in collaborating on making a new Blanche song with it. It would be cool to hear the original to fully understand the journey that the track took before being blessed with the alt-pop star’s powerhouse vocals, but an awesome factoid nonetheless.