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[SONG OF THE DAY] Money & The Man - "Just Like The Sun"

Blessed be the day that The Algorithm™ came into our lives and somehow knew just the song to include in our playlists or in this case, at the end of a song I sampled on Soundcloud. As much as I love to romanticize my days of record store shopping in college where I just bought things that looked interesting, I adore the power that The Algorithm™ wields.

At any rate, I am happy that I was able to stumble in to Money & The Man. Based in Zwolle, Netherlands, the Dutch duo unveiled their debut self-titled full-length late last week, which is a blend of grungy blues-rock and has the ability to fill (possibly even overflow) the gaping hole in your soul that Queens of the Stone Age left after you found out all of the awful things Josh Homme is capable of doing when he drinks too much and you couldn’t bring yourself to listen to them anymore. If you find yourself enjoying their latest single, “Just Like The Sun”, just wait till you hear the rest of the record.

Mmm I am really enjoying this rock block I’m currently on. Sometimes I think that my rock days may be over, but then I just realize that most of the rock bands out there right now are kinda….boring? Money & The Man are definitely the opposite of that.

blah blah blah the band are playing everywhere that isn’t here. Actually that’s only half true, while they’re not playing in the US, they’re actually only playing a few shows in The Netherlands in the next couple of months. You can find more info over on their Facebook page.