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[Listen] Special Q - Play A Part EP (Full Album Stream)

Soundcloud submissions are always a crapshoot, but man did I hit the jackpot with Special Q!!! Yes, I just used three exclamation points! That's how excited I am about this! 

When I was in college I have this distinct memory browsing around the Tower Records in downtown Nashville when I came across the first VHS or Beta record, Le Funk. The packaging was fairly low-key except for this sticker on the jewel case that said, "The French stole our disco and we stole it back."

That sticker is what came to mind the second I hit play on Special Q. It's been a hot minute since I've given anything nu disco a shot, but this Venice, Italy-based producer has sure as hell stolen my attention. 


That feels like a unicorn to me. I can't think of any Italian redheaded producer/DJs off the top of my head, can you? I mean that's not relevant to the fact that there are some serious ass vibey disco jams going on here. I will likely follow up with more selects from his current catalog, but for now, you definitely need to check out his Play A Part EP that dropped earlier this month on So French Records. "Summer Love" is just BEGGING for Poolside to give it their own retouch. I am going to be spending some quality time with Special Q and I hope you do the same. 

Some Kind of Awesome Radio - 07/11/2015
Typing up all the show notes this week for once because I love you, fam. 

Typing up all the show notes this week for once because I love you, fam. 

YES! I'M ACTUALLY DOING SHOW NOTES FOR THIS WEEK! #sorrynotsorry but like I said in this week's episode I've been dealing with a bit of blogger burnout and even though doing the show is very therapeutic for me when you see how thorough I intend to be moving forward you will understand why I put this off for as long as I could. Again, I really appreciate those of you who listen and never get the promised show notes. NO MORE BROKEN PROMISES! Just quality #content in addition to a bunch of other new things in the works right now. 

Hope you enjoyed this weeks show! Feel free to drop a comment here or hit me up on Twitter. I'd love to hear what you thought of this week's picks!

Until next week!



BONUS JUST FOR YOU FAM! I'm also making playlists on Spotify for every single show. NO SHUFFLE THO BECAUSE THAT'S CHEATING! Additionally, as the shows become available on iTunes I will update each post with a link to the show for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!