[Listen x Download] Gruff Rhys - "Shark Ridden Waters"

Forever busy Gruff Rhys has posted up a free download for a new solo track via his site "The Gruffington Post". The waves can be heard rolling in towards the end of the track and it's got a feel throughout from start to finish... From the site:

"Help! A song in the form of a large silver shark was discovered yesterday off the west coast of Wales...A mysterious recording was made of it as it swam aggressively past a miked up dilapidated wooden fishing trawler, like some old boat off Jaws."

You can listen to the track below and download it after the jump, all it takes is your email address. It doesn't get much easier than this for some good free music. Enjoy.

Gruff Rhys - "Shark Ridden Waters" by Some Kind of Awesome

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