[CMJ 2010] Heypenny @ Matchless 10/20/2010

Heypenny ended up being my last stop of the night and I must admit, I feel like I wasn't prepared enough for this show. I think a Redbull and a few handfuls of candy might have possibly done the trick, but it's hard to say. Having said that, for a Brooklyn show deep in the heart of hipsterville, these guys were crazy amounts of energetic and it resonated throughout the crowd. In addition to their energy and musicianship, they also went the extra mile to put on a memorable show. Strewn across the stage were various televisions that displayed corresponding visuals with each song. The visuals were not overpowering of the performance by any means, but you could see how well everything was carefully thought out for each song. For example, during "CopCar", as singer Benjamin Elkins was interacting with the crowd during the bridge, I noticed that the moose graphics on the TVs were singing along with the crowd during their parts. That's precise timing AND clever visuals.My only complaint was that sometimes the lead vocals seemed drowned amongst everything else, but it's hard to say how much of that was their fault vs. Matchless'.

Heypenny are also playing tomorrow night at Crash Mansion at the Rethinkpopmusic Party at 12:30am. If there is a way that I can schedule my night around seeing them again, I totally will.

Check out the video I shot from last night's show of "CopCar" and tell me what you think!