[Album Review] Ima Robot - Another Man's Treasure

Indie Dance/Punk band Ima Robot recently released their newest album Another Man's Treasure earlier in the week. For those that missed out, we posted the first single (along with its video) titled "Ruthless" around beginning of the month. Upon the first listen through of the new album, I could already tell that fans of the band's previous efforts might turn away from this one as the band approaches a completely different sound. AMT feels like the Ima Robot is experimenting with softer, more electronic rock sound. Although, if I could compare this album to any other artist, I would say TV On The Radio (Dear Science era) or Modest Mouse with a hint of Bowie at times, especially on the song "Sail With Me" (which you can check out on the player below). 

Other standout tracks on this album are "Ruthless" and the beautiful acoustic folk rock tune "Shine, Shine." Unfortunately, you won't find alot of (if any) fast paced, energetic songs that Ima Robot is notorious for. Therefore, as stated earlier, some older fans might turn away from this one. The album only consists of 8 new tunes which is a pretty short listen, however, that doesn't mean you should totally avoid AMT as it is a pretty decent album. You can head over to the band's MySpace Page to preview the album and if you dig it head over to the Ima Robot website and check out the pretty sweet (and cheap) package deals they have for the album, which also includes bonus tracks and an additional EP if these 8 tracks don't do it for you.

SCORE: 3.0

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