[Watch] Deftones - Live At Trees In Dallas

Yahoo! Music takes us back to night of May 4, 2010, when Deftones released their latest, incredible album, Diamond Eyes which was their first studio album in four long years, and their first since bassist Chi Cheng was tragically injured in a 2008 car accident. To celebrate the records release, the band played a special show to a sold out crowd at Trees in Dallas. The Trees show also marked the first time the band played their new album's material live.

Check out 4 highlights from that night of the band performing 3 cuts off Diamond Eyes ("Rocket Skates", "Diamond Eyes", "Cmnd/Ctrl") after the jump and one of my favorites "Feiticeira" (above) from the all time classic and best Deftones album IMO, White Pony.

"Rocket Skates"


"Diamond Eyes"