[Listen & Download] Cee-Lo Green - "Red Hot Lover" x "Fuck You" (Le Castle Vania Remix)

Think you heard everything that Cee-Lo's latest album The Lady Killer had to offer? Think again. We got another bonus track from Mr. Green's recent release titled "Red Hot Lover" which was only available from Best Buy out in the US. So far we found that the album has 5 bonus tracks scattered through different retailers, "Red Hot Lover" and "Grand Canyon" were available through Best Buy (and you can also purchase them through Napster, which is a Best Buy owned company), "Please" was available on the UK version of the album and "Scarlet Fever" and "Everybody Loves You (Baby)" were available on the deluxe edition of the UK album.

Got all of that? Good. Now check out "Red Hot Lover" below and grab the "Fuck You" remix as well and if you are a collector, head out and go pick those other editions of the album.

Cee-Lo Green - "Red Hot Lover" by Some Kind of Awesome

Cee-Lo Green - "Fuck You" (Le Castle Vania Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome