[Listen] Gorillaz - Scavenger Hunt Remix Revealed x New Album Releasing Christmas Day

All the fun and frustration of the Gorillaz Scavenger Hunt has finally come to an end. For those unfamiliar or have been living in a cave desperately trying to obtain a wifi signal, Gorillaz launched an online scavenger hunt earlier this week. The goal was to locate all 12 images of the band that were hidden around the web, that match the silhouettes on http://gorillaz.savvynets.com/ . When you found an image, and clicked on it, a specialized link would take you back to the scavenger site to show you the piece you obtained on your game board.Once all 12 images were found, a new remix would be revealed, and you can also enter to win a Gorillaz surfboard.

Thanks to the help of all of the people over at Gorillaz-Unofficial, Gorillaz.com, Gorillaz Official Facebook Page and Reddit, all 12 pieces have been obtained and we have the unreleased remix for you to listen below. It's a new remix of the single "Of Melancholy Hill" done by Josh Wink that has not been featured on any promo or official releases. For those interested in playing the game and entering in for a chance of getting the Gorillaz surfboard, you can still do so by clicking the link above to start the game.

In other Gorillaz news, Damon Albarn has stated they may call it quits after the Gorillaz World Tour. Which would totally suck. But the great news, Co-creator Jamie Hewlett confirmed in an recent interview that the new Gorillaz' album that Albarn had been creating on his iPad would be released on Christmas Day. YES!!

"At the moment we've got an advent calendar on our website and there is a daily door that opens to reveal a gift," Hewlett says. "On Christmas Eve a video for one of the new songs from the iPad album will be released. Then, on Christmas Day fans get the whole album downloaded to their computer for free as a gift."

So there you go, if Gorillaz are ending at least they are going out with a bang. But lets hope Damon and the crew are here to stay for many more.

Gorillaz - "On Melancholy Hill" (Josh Wink Scavenger Hunt Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome