[Watch] Michael Cera on stage with Mister Heavenly

When I first saw this story this morning I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, and in all honesty I'm still feeling a bit like teen girl at a film premiere; Confused, yet overly excited and giddy. Mister Heavenly took to the stage with everyones favourite awkward teen, Michael Cera. From his roll in the Bluth family and Arrested Development to Nick Twist in Youth and Revolt. He seems to have stayed in character and taken to the stage for the second time ever along with Nick Thorburn of Honus Honus, Man Man and Islands, amongst others and Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse as part of the band Mister Heavenly.

You can check out a video after the jump of the band on stage thanks to clumsy342's blog (Where you can see the entire set) via Pitchfork. Maybe one day he'll be the Mr. Manager of more than just the Banana Stand? Or maybe not, as according to Line OutSub Pop have stated Cera is just touring with the for this stint: "as of right now he is not an official member, just playing with the guys on this tour." Maybe next time big guy.