[SKOA Presents] The Top 25 Albums of 2010: 15-11

15. RJD2 - The Colossus [Buy CD | Vinyl]

On his fourth album, Dj/Producer RJD2 combines all styles of his previous efforts to create one of his greatest album yet. From the sample rocking opener "There Will Be Horns" which brings back fond memories of the Since We Last Spoke era to tracks like "The Glow", "Games You Can Win" and my favorite track "Giant Squid", each track's sound is different but fits the overall feel of the album. This album is definitely a banger for old and new RJ fans or people looking for something fresh. We highly suggest picking this one up along with the outtakes and Instrumental album, Inversions of The Colossus. - Rocko


14. The Dead Weather - Sea of Cowards [Buy CD | Vinyl]

A quick follow up to last year's debut, Horehound, Jackie White and friends gave us this sophomore offering that continued to bring forth the awesome with jams like "Blue Blood Blues", "Die By The Drop", and "Jawbreaker". With Sea of Cowards, it was slightly less balls to the wall rock and a bit more experimentation, as seen in songs like "I'm Mad" and "Old Mary". I think if they had waited a little bit longer to release this album that I would have been able to enjoy it more, but I hadn't finally taken the needle off of Horehound yet, so it was hard to shift my focus on to Sea of Cowards with the attention that it deserved. However, with every listen to Sea of Cowards I find myself enjoying it more and more. - Kibbe

13. Spoon - Transference [Buy CD | Vinyl]

Although Spoon's latest may not be their best effort, it definitely one of the most catchiest albums released in 2010. The band doesn't stray away from the formula of their previous releases but for new listeners it's a nice introduction to the band and encourages them to check out their earlier works as well as catching them perform these tunes and others live, in which Spoon's live performances are always amazing. - Rocko


12. Pulled Apart By Horses - Pulled Apart By Horses [Buy CD]

When I first heard these guys I was shocked that they’d only been making music for 2 years and made one hell of a racket! Their debut grabs you by the balls and only let’s them loose a few times on the 35 minute raucous album. Opening track “Back To The Fuck Yeah” will have your attention from the offset and the album is full of catchy riffs and sing along choruses. Single “High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive” got some major Radio One airplay and had crowds the nation over singing along. The mix of in your face, tongue in cheek lyrics paired with heavy guitar chugging riffs and thumping drums makes this album one of the most intriguing and highly played this year. It’s brash, it’s energetic and most of all it’s ballsy, they went all out and it paid off. An astonishing debut and a definite one to watch with  their 2011 follow up looking likely. “Yeah Buddy” also deserves a mention and the  final RATM like track “Den Horn” is a 7 minute opus of guitar and noise. I was  worried the band couldn’t transfer their live sound onto an album, yet they’ve near  on nailed it! - Shey


11. Ra Ra Riot - The Orchard [Buy CD | Vinyl]

What makes Ra Ra Riot so unique is their ability to blend each of the six band member’s abilities and turn it into something that flows effortlessly and beautifully. Their second studio album The Orchard is a fantastic continuation of the style that the New Yorkers have been perfecting over the last four and a half years. Each song on the album comes together in an extremely well-paced, flowing way that, for me, creates a mood only found on those perfect, sunny, summer days. Starting with the highly instrumental “The Orchard,” moving to more energetic songs like “Boy” and “Too Dramatic,” and slowing down with the magnificent “You And I Know,” The Orchard is a beautifully paced album that shows the increasing maturity and perfection of Ra Ra Riot’s abilities as a band. - Adrian