[Review] TOBACCO w/Baths and The Hood Internet @ The Echo 3/25/2010

What a crazy night! I forgot how nice and intimate The Echo in LA is. It set the perfect mood for a good night and some great electronic artists. But little did I know what I was in for when the main act, TOBACCO of Black Moth Super Rainbow took the stage.

The Show had a couple of cool openers, first up was a local artist by the name of Baths, whose sound reminded me vaguely of Prefuse73 and Why. The ambient, drum heavy sound mixed with his unique vocal styles were a great start to kick off the show. Next up, were mashup sensationalists The Hood Internet (or at least half of them) who got the whole crowd rocking and turned the whole entire floor into a club. Mixing everything from Kanye against Modest Mouse to Passion Pit and Juvenile (I know right? Never saw that coming), it was a flawless DJ session. They even had the crowd singing along with their mix of Weezer vs Glass Candy titled "Buddy Holly's Imagination". But what made the night for me was dancing along to one of my favorites was the Ludacris remix of the song "How Low" titled "How Purple Can You Go". After that performance, all I could say is Thank You and please come back and do it again.

A majority of The Hood Internet's set was off their most recent mix, The Mixtape Volume Four, which you can stream and/or download below. Don't sleep on it.

Download: The Hood Internet - The Mixtape Volume Four

Last but always awesome, was the headliner TOBACCO. Tobaxx was broadcasting his performance on the highly popular social sensation and mostly disturbing, Chatroulette, for some lucky or misfortunate person to catch a glimpse into his world. Tobacco has an amazing visual show to accompany his psychedelic, disturbing, lo-fi, robotic, synth heavy, love making, sexing, axe murdering tunes (that is the best way I can describe for those that haven't heard of BMSR or Tobacco). As this show was being broadcasted (in a similar fashion to Ben Folds) on chatroulette, there was alot of dick on screen. No kidding! But for some reason, the crazy imagery of Tobaxx old lo-fi VHS clips and meat went hand in hand (no pun intended).

TOBACCO played alot of hits off his album Fucked Up Friends (Street Trash, Backwoods Altar, Side 8, Berries That Burn, Hairy Candy,) and alot of new tunes (Mexican Icecream, Fresh Hex, Stretch Your Face, Heavy Makeup) which we assume are off his upcoming album, Maniac Meat. This show was so live, from the beats to the visuals, it even included band members stage diving and crowd surfing. But best of all was when fans were pulled on stage the show just erupted into a giant dance party. Tobacco definitely knows how to fuck your head up and make you enjoy it while in the process.

Score: 5 out of 5

TOBACCO - Fresh Hex (Demo)