[Monday Pickup] Stateless "Live Acoustic Session @ Dutch VPRO Radio 3FM"

Since we didn't have a Sunday Pickup, its time for a Monday Pickup. This time featuring one of my favorite bands, Stateless. Some may have heard of the electronic band from Leeds before but most are familiar with their frontman Chris James' work on DJ Shadow's album, The Outsider. Wikipedia states, and I agree with, Stateless musical style is often described as a cross between Radiohead and DJ Shadow, as well as reminiscent to that of bands as PortisheadColdplayUNKLE and Massive Attack They released an awesome self titled album back in 2007 and have been working on a new album for the last 2 years and are set to release it later this fall (hopefully).

While taking a short break from mixing the upcoming album, they went on a small acoustic tour in the Netherlands in June 2009, playing 4 locations, and then in late October 2009 with another 4 Dutch acoustic showcases. We got a hold of one of those sets and are bringing it to great fans of SKoA. Enjoy!

[Download] Stateless - Live Acoustic Session @ Dutch VPRO Radio 3FM