[Download and Listen] Gorillaz - "Glitter Freeze" (Alt Version) & Murdoc Takes Over XFM

Once again, Murdoc has hijacked another radio station, this time being XFM. Accompanied by Gorillaz' vocalist 2D, he played only Gorillaz tracks tonight from their self titled debut, Demon Days and their newly released album Plastic Beach. He also included a previously unreleased version of Glitter Freeze. Murdoc said next week he would be playing only songs by acts and bands associated with Gorillaz and Gorillaz collaborators. You can listen to the whole show below and also grab the radio rip of the Alternate version of "Glitter Freeze". Enjoy!

Gorillaz - Live on XFM 5/16/2010

[Download] Gorillaz - Glitter Freeze (Alternate Version) (Radio Rip)