[Download] The Hood Internet x TOBACCO x Felt (Slug, Murs & Aesop Rock)

The Hood Internet are back at it again with their new EP pitting TOBACCO's new album Maniac Meat album (out tomorrow on anticon, click here to purchase) against Slug + Murs + Aesop Rock’s Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez (out now on Rhymesayers). Grab the download below and for those that never caught the first mashup by The Hood Internet featuring TOBACCO and Aesop Rock should definitely pick that up here.


1. Paul Reubens’ Aerobics
2. Creepy Ghost Calls
3. Grape For Your Trunk
4. Hot Tub Freaks Like You
5. Stretch Your Whaleface

[Download] The Hood Internet x TOBACCO x Felt