[Listen] 3 Darwin Deez B-Sides, "Hey Mom", "Lights On" and "The Coma Song"

Kibbe and myself have truly been digging the Darwin Deez album that was released last year. I can't believe this totally flew under our radar. Some of our Facebook friends have also made it known that this band is amazing as well. So, we decided were gonna post some extra tunes not featured on the normal digital/physical version of the album.

Each track is the respected B-side of the 3 singles released so far: "The Coma Song" featured on the "Constellations" single,"Lights On" featured on the single "Radar Detector" and "Hey Mom" which was featured on the newest single "Up in The Clouds." These songs can also be obtained on the iTunes version of the album. Check them out below and enjoy!

Darwin Deez - "Hey Mom" by Some Kind of Awesome

Darwin Deez - "Lights On" by Some Kind of Awesome

Darwin Deez - "The Coma Song" by Some Kind of Awesome