[Listen] 2 Audio Rips From Animal Collective's ODDSAC Score

Gotta love teh interwebz! Today, audio recordings of Animal Collective's score for the film ODDSAC. For those that haven't heard about the film, ODDSAC is a feature film collaboration between the band Animal Collective and filmmaker Danny Perez.

ODDSAC represents a new synthesis of music and film, a "visual album" whose songs will not be released in any other form. It features an original score with new songs from the band and complex digital manipulation by Perez. ODDSAC is the result of over four years of intense collaboration between Perez and Animal Collective.  (Via ODDSAC website)

The initial release date for the film was set for July 27, however, due to a DVD production issues, the release has now been moved to August 10. You can preorder the film here. Check out the lo qual recording from the film below.

Animal Collective - ODDSAC (Lo Qual Rips) by Some Kind of Awesome