[Listen] Sleigh Bells - "Holly" (Tell Em B-Side Version)

A nice little bonus for you on your slow moving Tuesday in the form of a Sleigh Bells B-Side! Taken from the "Tell 'em" single, this version of "Holly" is a full on in your face, bass fuelled, fuzzy gem of a track.  To give you a taste of it's general feel of this track the opening line is "Wasted all day, Killing all the Capulets". On that note I think you should hit play. If you like it you know what to do, go out and buy it! The band are currently on tour with LCD Soundsystem and embark on their own tour mid October. Check out their myspace for more dates and make sure to check them out if you get the chance.

Sleigh Bells - "Holly" (Tell Em B-Side Version) by Some Kind of Awesome

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