[Listen] Glassjaw - "Gold" x Album & Tour News

Well, that was a shorter wait than I expected. Since August last year we have been getting goodies from Glassjaw every month in a sort of regular fashion with tracks coming on the 9/9 10/10, 11/11 etc. They also performed a show in New York on New Years day which I've heard the word "legendary" being thrown about over. At this show the band debuted a load of new tracks (if you like the sound of that, go pick up a bootleg we posted last week). Anyway, after that show they also released a single package titled Our Color Green which you can pick up over here. 

Today we got a bonus which takes the form of another previously unheard studio track, "Gold" which you can stream in full below. There's a lot of action going down on GJ.com and Glassjaw.com too?! The new album is looking ever more likely to get a release date soon under the title Colouring Book. Over on the official site as you can see from the image above, there'll be exclusive availability of the "extended play" EP Colouring Book at venues they are about to tour free of charge! Excited much?!

The venues and shows you need to be interested in can be found over here at their official store here. I'd be quick as from what I've heard LA has already sold out! These boys know how to DIY there way to a loyal fanbase and are giving up the goods, proving their worth. Enjoy.

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