[Download] Social Distortion - "Prison Bound" (Daytrotter Session)

Earlier we saw Social Distortion perform their new single from the album Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes on Conan O'Brien but prior to that a few days ago they paid a visit to Daytrotter and laid down a few tracks. Below you can hear a nice performance of "Prison Bound" featuring a nice guitar solo with some harmonics to boot. If you head over to the Daytrotter website you can download the entire set which consited of this track, a rocky cover of "Ring Of Fire" and "Reach For The Sky". Listening to this track on my lunch break at work has put me in an awesome mood, I hope it has a similar effect to you guys too.

As mentioned earlier their new album Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes hit stores yesterday and you can grab yoruself a copy here.

Social Distortion - "Prison Bound" (Daytrotter Session) by Some Kind of Awesome