[Listen] Neon Hitch - "Get Over U" (Co-written by Sia & Produced by Benny Blanco)

It looks like we'll be seeing a little bit more of Neon Hitch if this track is anything to go by. With it being co-written by Sia and add to that the nice production work of Benny Blanco the result is a dancey, pop track with a beat that sits alongside it just write. 

The track will have itself ringing around your head for the remainder of your Saturday so hit play below and enjoy the track courtesy of Arjan Writes. If you missed the track we got to hear her on not too long ago, head on over here to listen to her vox to a backdrop of Deadmau5

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from Neon Hitch in the very near future.

Neon Hitch - Get Over U by arjanwrites