[Listen] RJD2 Presents: The Insane Warrior - We Are The Doorways

I was sworn to secrecy not to reveal any information on this project until the time was right and what better time to drop this on you guys than the first weekday of the new year! RJD2 and his label RJ’s Electrical Connections is also pleased to announce the debut record from The Insane Warrior (side project of DJ/Producer mastermind RJD2), We Are The Doorways, coming February 1. 

This instrumental album was loosely inspired by horror and sci-fi film scores of the 70s and early 80s and reminds me of the music that RJ has done on his record The Third Hand and the score he did for Marc Ecko's graffiti video game Getting Up. Starting today, fans can pre-order the CD or digital version of the album exclusively on Bandcamp and receive an immediate free download of a track from the release, “The Water Wheel.” But you can also grab another free track for a limited time titled “Then You Hear Footsteps” in the player below.

In addition, an RJD2 & The Insane Warrior limited edition deluxe package is available for pre-order starting today. Available only on Bandcamp, this special offer includes the We Are the Doorways CD, RJD2’s 2002-2010 vinyl box set (including Deadringer LP, The Horror EP, Since We Last Spoke LP, and the exclusive Tin Foil Hat EP), The Colossus LP, a signed silkscreen poster, and The Insane Warrior’s We Are The Doorways CD for only $80. Crazy! Check out the 2 tracks below and then head over to RJ's Bandcamp site to grab your own copy of this dope ass album.