[Watch] Bon Iver - "Hinnom, TX" (Video)

Tomorrow, the digital deluxe edition of Bon Iver's self-titled sophomore album will be hitting the iTunes store, and packaged with it will be ten short films to accompany each of the album's ten tracks. Courtesy of TIME.com, you can check out the accompanying visuals for the song "Hinnom, TX," which was directed by both Isaac Gale and David Jensen. The video is simple enough, featuring a scenic, sun drenched drive along a highway, but, as the song builds in complexity, the visuals distort and morph along with it. Check it out for yourself in the player above.

Along with the digital release, the short films will be released as limited run DVDs, which will be given away at participating record stores or through Jagjaguwar's mail order starting in early December.

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