[Listen] Gabriel Stark - "Jackie Onassis"

On January 7th, Bronx-based hip hop artist Gabriel Stark will be releasing Starky F. Kennedy, his first album of the 2012 season. Following the same mentality he's had all year, he has constantly been in the studio, working on new material, and keeping the fans busy with awesome new music. Today, Starky let loose the first track from the upcoming album. Titled "Jackie Onassis" after John F. Kennedy's wife, the song is a "letter to all of the women who stick by their significant others as they pursue their dreams." Take a listen to the song below.

As well, if you haven't heard my CMJ interview with Gabriel Stark, head here to give it a listen. Starky F. Kennedy is out on January 7th via Stark's own Dorm Room 313 label.

Jackie Onassis by Gabriel Stark