[Watch] The Flaming Lips - "I Am the Walrus" (Beatles Cover)

Seriously can you imagine what Christmas in the Coyne household must be like? Damn these guys look like they know how to have fun. Psych Explorations of the Future Heart points out that The Flaming Lips recently laid down a cover of The Beatles classic, "I Am the Walrus" at Oklahoma City’s Pink Floor Studio. Fitting seeing as the band are to play some shows with Yoko, Plastic Ono Band at the fifth annual New Year’s Freakout in Oklahoma City.

The video sees the band perform whilst higher than the stars with Steven wrapped in a foil cover, similar to those you get after running a marathon whilst Wayne shouts lyrics through a pink plastic circle of sorts. Apparently he likes the taste of it too as he goes on to lick the crap out of it. Snosberries? The cover itself is pretty solid even though it's missing a little depth from the guitar/bass side of things. See what you make of it at the top and peep the track they did with Yoko from earlier in the month over here. Thanks to CoS for the heads up on this piece of gold.