[Watch] The Kills - "Satellite" (Video)

Earlier today I got excited to see that The Kills posted a little picture on their Facebook page with the caption reading "TODAY THURSDAY 3PM GMT / 10AM EST" which started the whispers as to what was to come. Just 2 hours later and 4 hours early we have the new video for their single "Satellite". Starting off with Jamie Hince driving around a nice Rolls Royce before it slowly starts to become more manic and frantic as the video develops.

Chopping together images and film from years gone by and Jamie and Alison driving around and eating some Fih & Chips it's a pretty British video don't you think?! The images of cars crashing and the changing of shots from day to night make for a visually pleasing video. Check it out for yourselves at the top and keep your eyes peeled for more music soon from the pair. Don't forget the announcement of their Spring Tour too if you want to see them do their thang on stage.