[Download] Wavves - "TV Luv Song"

It seems that in between releasing rolling papers and grinders, and most likely smoking a hell of a lot of weed, Nathan Williams AKA Wavves likes to watch a lot of Television. That may come as a shcok to many of you so we'll give you a moment to catch your breath back. Now, in turn he thjought he'd share his love of the old square box we spend too long staring at with the world and has written a track titled "TV Luv Song". He evidentally likes his guitar pedals as much as the next stoner too as the track features some nice fuzz and reverb action. This track is the first in an upcoming wishing well of music Nathan is going to be releasing on his own in th enear future, and may well end up on 7" at some point too, if he manages to stop watching TV. Check it out below via Spin.

Wavves - "TV Luv Song" by Some Kind of Awesome