[Watch] Radiohead - "Lotus Flower" x Release 'The King of Limbs' 24 Hours Early!

The wait is over. Stop what you're doing and turn everything off. (Obviously not your computers!) Here is new material from Radiohead. Deep breaths everybody.... I'm going to let this one speak for itself. Let us know what you think.

The video sees Thom doing some funky dance type moves and it's kind of like he's having some weird out of body experience. All in all he looks to be enjoying it though and I think a few people will find it entertaining too. There's something about Thom that's so gripping to watch. The main thing here is the music so put on your cans and soak in ALL NEW RADIOHEAD! 

After the announcement at the start of this week, out of nowhere I might add, we will have a full new album from the band tomorrow so head on over here to check out the details of that and check back tomorrow for undoubtedly more info on the release and it's contents.

UPDATE: It looks like they've brought forward the album 24hours and it will be available Today! This week just keeps on getting better!

Update 2: It is available NOW head on over to the order page and then buy that ish, hit Download and then hit play! Check out the tracklisting below.

The King of Limbs

1) Bloom
2) Morning Mr Magpie
3) Little By Little
4) Feral
5) Lotus Flower
6) Codex
7) Give Up The Ghost
8) Separato


It's sounding glorious so far...