[Watch] Foo Fighters Perform New Songs: "White Limo," "Bridge Burning" & "Dear Rosemary"

Before we get into that awesome photo above, one of the best rock bands still doing it today, the Foo Fighters played another last minute surprise show for in California for the 2nd friday in a row. Check out 2 videos from last night performance and 1 new one from last week's featuring the amazing, burn your place down and pee pee on the ashes barn burner "White Limo" (which was the first tease of new material off the album), "Bridge Burning" (the second tease with the kick ass intro) and "Dear Rosemary." Check out all 3 after the jump.

Now to the photo above, after checking out recent pictures on the Foo Fighter's official Twitpic and yfrog, there seems to be alot of speculation that the yet to be named 7th studio album by the band is going to be titled after the track "White Limo." Interesting. Even more interesting is the possiblity that band has recently filmed a music video for the song which will feature Lemmy (pictured above) and a white guitar toilet seat? Okay maybe that last one is just something Grohl found interesting but still. If these speculations are true, this can only have an epic outcome but we will have to wait and see what comes to surface.

However, here's one bit of fact that shall make you smile, Foo Fighters Studio album #7 is due for release April 12th via RCA.

"White Limo"

"Bridge Burning"

"Dear Rosemary"